Meet the partners of the project

Explore our collaborative network and discover the organizations that stand alongside us in our unwavering commitment to youth empowerment and well-being. Together, we forge pathways to brighter futures, fostering mental health and active citizenship among the younger generation, ensuring a more vibrant and inclusive world for all.

Fundación Plan B Educación Social

Fundación Plan B Educación Social is a Spanish Non-profit private foundation, formally organized and with the capacity for institutional self-control from Salamanca, Castilla and León. Their mission is to create a social change to improve the lives of children and youth by giving them a chance for personal, social and educational growth.

Idee in Movimento

Idee In Movimento is an extremely active Cultural Association. It was born on the 5th of July 2015 thanks to a group of young and dynamic friends. We are engaged in various fields, whose experience in them has allowed us to acquire the know-how for the development of activities in the field of Erasmus+ program projects, giving us the opportunity to participate and develop more than 20 projects in the last 2 years, both KA1 and KA2. Our activities through the years have been focused on these areas: a) Environmental Protection, green economy & sustainability, b) Inclusion & Mental Health, c) Sport & Social Inclusion, d) Youth empowerment & entrepreneurship, and e) Cultural & Volunteering activities.

InterMediaKT, based in Patras, is active since 2012 in education, training and innovation at European level. Through technological tools and exchange of good practices, we work to achieve our main goal of Knowledge Transfer. We combine non formal education and technology for empowerment of vulnerable groups. We work on three main pillars; the development of digital tools, supporting social entrepreneurship and innovation and enhancing 21st century skills (soft skills and emloyability competences). So far, our organization counts more than 50 participations in local and transnational projects, along with many more volunteer activities. It counts more than 27,000 direct beneficiaries, with our work being awarded at national and European level.

Association for volunteerism Volonterski Centar Skopje / Volunteers Centre Skopje

Established in 2006, VCS has spearheaded nearly 100 projects under “YiA” and “Erasmus+” Programs, alongside initiatives supported by local, national, and international donors. Our primary objectives encompass providing non-formal education opportunities to youth, fostering volunteerism irrespective of background, and advancing youth work recognition. As a seasoned sending/hosting organization for 17 years, VCS has significantly shaped the skills of countless young Europeans, with over 1000 participants in EVS/ESC mobilities and 8,500+ engaged in diverse projects. We facilitate youth involvement in seminars, training, study visits, exchanges, and ecological and social actions, both locally and internationally. VCS plays a pivotal role in North Macedonian policy development, contributing to the “Law of Volunteerism” and “Law on youth participation and youth policies.” Our active participation extends to monitoring national youth policies, while we actively engage in public discussions on youth empowerment and engagement.

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