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Keep Dreaming website launched!

Welcome to Keep Dreaming Project website.

The “Keep Dreaming” Erasmus+ Project website is here, and it’s all about boosting young people’s involvement in their communities while looking after their mental well-being.

This project offers various activities like research, training courses, and meetings. It’s all geared towards helping young folks, especially those living in rural areas or facing challenges, to get more involved in their communities and feel better mentally.

The website serves as a comprehensive hub for everything related to community involvement and mental well-being. It’s packed with strategies and best practices to facilitate young people in connecting, gaining knowledge, and becoming actively engaged. Whether you reside in a smaller town or encounter challenges along the way, “Keep Dreaming” is here to provide the support you need.

In the end, this project aims to make a real difference by promoting social inclusion, better mental health, and active participation among young people. So, get ready to dream big and be a part of something amazing!

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