Never give up & Keep Dreaming

Our partner Volunteers Centre Skopje from North Macedonia, wrote an article in the online magazine VOICES about its participation in the youth exchange that took place in Italy last May as part of the Keep Dreaming project. In this article the participants of the organization share their experiences from their participations on the Youth Exchange.

Excerpt from the article:
As May is the international month of mental health, “Keep Dreaming” was the perfect project for it and although brief, it hit all the keynotes that affect me and my peers. On the first activity day, we talked about social participation and volunteering. By engaging ourselves in activities that involve interaction with our community, we not only work on our social well-being but can also help to reduce social problems or at least offer our support and listening ear. By engaging ourselves in the world outside of us, we can interact with different points of view and adapt to new and healthier mindsets. I feel that this is exactly what we all gained from each other as a group.
Simona Soleva – VCS

You can read more here:
Never give up & Keep Dreaming – VOICES (

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