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Keep Dreaming: Empowering Youth for Mental Health”

In a challenging world, the mental health of young people is paramount. The educational project “KEEP DREAMING,” coordinated by InterMediaKT, contributed to the impact of youth participation in well-being. Hosted by the Skopje Volunteer Center and organized by the PlanB Educational Social Foundation (Spain) and Idee in Movimento (Italy), it showcased the power of new […]

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KOM Meeting – Salamanca, Spain

Keep Dreaming project has officially started! The two-day Kick-off project meeting was held in Salamanca, Spain, by Plan B, and the partnership got to know each other better, define each organization’s responsibilities, and find the most efficient way to implement the project. This project aims to enhance young people’s social participation and volunteering experience in

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Keep Dreaming website launched!

Welcome to Keep Dreaming Project website. The “Keep Dreaming” Erasmus+ Project website is here, and it’s all about boosting young people’s involvement in their communities while looking after their mental well-being. This project offers various activities like research, training courses, and meetings. It’s all geared towards helping young folks, especially those living in rural areas

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